Snow Day

Snow Day

In the winter it’s every kids dream,
As snowflakes begin to appear,
That suddenly there’ll be a blizzard,
And they’ll cancel school for the year.

Though most kids are willing to settle,
And I am inclined to agree,
They could merely close school for one day –
One day off would be just fine with me.

A day free from all forms of homework,
A day without science or math,
When you leave all your schoolbooks at home –
And run out the door with a laugh.

A day full of sledding and cocoa,
And snowmen who wear dad’s old clothes,
No writing out boring equations
After lunch when you’d rather just doze.

A snow day’s a day meant for lounging,
Where idleness isn’t condemned,
A day where you sleep in till lunchtime,
A day that you don’t want to end.

And if you are truly quite lucky,
The snow will continue its flight,
And you’ll spend the afternoon hoping
The next day will be just as white.

~ Barbara Vance

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